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KARINA OSMAN  is a female entrepreneur who has more than 17 years experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. She was born in Aceh, and has attained a Bachelor of Tourism degree from Bandung and a Diploma in Japanese Literature as her educational qualifications. She is a true hotelier who started her career in Sales and Marketing. She has integrity, professionalism and a great analytical perspective in the hotel and hospitality business.

 Karina Osman’s career has not stopped there. Besides pursuing her career in Sales & Marketing for Hotel, Resort and Apartments in some of the largest cities in Indonesia, she also became the Director of Sales & Marketing for some hotels in Bali & Lombok. Following that, she became General Manager for 10 years with different organisations with Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Apartments, and Residences in many of the largest cities throughout Indonesia.

Since the beginning of her career she has been awarded citations such as the Best Employee of The Month & The Best Employee of The Year ever since the first hotel she worked in, when it was obvious that she enjoys her work and loves the hospitality world right from the start.

Based on her more than 17 years experience, she has now established Karina Osman Hotel & Hospitality Consultant, which is a real expression of Karina Osman’s dedication to provide smart and innovative solutions for hotel owners or company leaders who own small or medium-sized hotels, to improve their efficiencies and long term profitable business performance.

Karina Osman has been directly involved in hospitality industry development in some big cities in Indonesia especially in the hospitality industry growth development of the country, These are:

  • Pre Opening
  • Grand Opening
  • Management and Operational
  • Re-branding
  • Setting Up
  • Kick off
  • Hospitality Coordinator property units in the different concepts in different area

Karina Osman Hotel & Hospitality Consultant Consultant interpret the sayings of some motivators such as “Three things cannot be long hidden:  The sun, The moon, and The truth,” (Buddha) , offers some consultation services for improving human resources in the fields of system and processes 

 Company Name  :  PT. Mutiara Seberang
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