Hotel Operation

Hotel Operation - Karina Osman Hotel and Hospitality ConsultantAccording to our mission to help hotel’s owner in Indonesia, we will cooperating with the hotel management team to offer services and new innovations that required. The purpose of doing this is to increase the hotel’s revenue, and operate in more creative and innovative manner.



The Service is include :

– Observe and study the situation of the hotel’s condition in the beginning of cooperation
– Preparing all the goals that need to be implement
– Review and study the structure of hotel’s employee
– Preparing the core soul concept
– Make a good relationship with the local authority
– Review , observe and plan the necessary changing for back office and service areas
– Review and examine hotel operation’s monthly report , including Finance and Administration
– Review and examine hotel’s regulation and fix or change what it’s necessary
– To make efficiently effort for expanding hotel’s market
– To make sure Guest , Owner and Employee’s satisfaction with all the deal’s that had been agreed