Hotel Owner’s Representative

Hotel Owner Representative Karina Osman Hotel and Hospitality Consultant to increase hotel's revenue. Call us to make your hotel profitable.


We will offer the best service and consultation for the owner where we act as the owner’s representative in negotiation and decision making with the hotel management and operating company to make sure that the owner’s ideas are implemented according to the agreement


Our services is Accompanying the Owner, among others :

– Discussion draft blue print stage until detail operation
– Discussion design skematic stage until interior contruction drawing and design
– Survey the total budget
– Monitoring every project timeline and cost
– Represent the hotel’s owner for related project’s meeting
– Making contract negotiations with all the partner in behalf of hotel owner’s
– Make sure all the legality , licensing and hotel’s insurances are there
– Reconnoiter FF and E ( Fixtures , Furnishings and Equipment ) that had been recommended
– Reconnoiter all Hotel Executive Staff and Employee  based on previous selection
– Review Finance and Administration report



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